Each player with CapitalFC is required to pay annual Team Dues. There are other costs associated with travel soccer that you will be responsible for, such as game and practice uniform costs. We believe the due levels help the club establish a consistent program for the investment in coaching, tournaments and equipment.


U9-U10 — $1,700

U11-U12 — $1,800

U13-U14 — $1,900

U15-U16 — $2,000

U17-U18 — $2,100

U19 — $2,200 


The Club offers payment schedules for the dues of up to four separate payments. Parents may request financial assistance through the annual Scholarship Fund Program to offset some of these costs. Capital FC will make every effort to assist families that cannot afford travel soccer costs. After teams are formed, team fundraising and sponsorships help to further reduce costs.

More information can be found Team Fees FAQ