2017/2018 TEAMS

Boys Teams

09B Red     NCSL     Coach: Micah Cooks (micah@capitalfc.org)

09B White     NCSL     Coach: Julio Arjona (julio@capitalfc.org)

08B Red     ODSL     Coach: Carlos Stein (carlos@capitalfc.org)

07B Red     NCSL     Coach: Jason Gross (jason@capitalfc.org)

07B White   ODSL     Coach: Elio Hernandez (elio@capitalfc.org)

06B Red     NCSL     Coach: Draymond Washington (draymond@capitalfc.org)

05B Red     EDP     Coach: Judah Cooks (tdoc@capitalfc.org)

04B Red     NCSL     Coach: David Wood (david@capitalfc.org)

04B White    ODSL     Coach: Julio Arjona (julio@capitalfc.org)

03B Red     NCSL     Coach: Elio Hernandez (elio@capitalfc.org)

02B Red     NCSL     Coach: Micah Cooks (micah@capitalfc.org)

01B Red     EDP     Coach: David Wood (david@capitalfc.org)

99B Red     EDP    Coach: Jason Gross (jason@capitalfc.org)

Girls Teams

08G Red     ODSL     Coach: Carlos Stein (carlos@capitalfc.org)

08G White  ODSL    Coach: Carlos Stein (carlos@capitalfc.org)

07G Red      NCSL     Coach: Draymond Washington (draymond@capitalfc.org)

06G Red     NCSL     Coach: Paula Abbate (paula@capitalfc.org)

06G White    ODSL     Coach: Paula Abbate (paula@capitalfc.org)

05G Red     ODSL     Coach: Geoff Thompson (geoff@capitalfc.org)

03G Red     NCSL     Coach: Tudor Stanciu (tudor@capitalfc.org)

Winter Training Schedules

All our teams are currently training 2-3 times per week, but on modified indoor/outdoor schedules to accommodate futsal training and the winter weather. Please contact each coach to attend a session.