Team FAQ Fees

June 2017


How are the CapitalFC annual fees determined?

Each Spring, the CapitalFC Board develops an annual budget to insure that the Club will be able to deliver and sustain a quality travel soccer product. Like any family, we must consider and balance our income and expenses in this process.

  • Player dues remain the primary source of income for the Club. Like most travel clubs, the fees support the both the Club-wide and team specific needs. Beginning in 2015, CapitalFC introduced a scaling team fee by age group.

  • From an expense side, the Club must support a competitive compensation for our coaching staff and field rental costs. These fees consume the majority of Club spending.

The Club has grown to almost 300 players and 22 teams in a few short years. The corresponding expenses increase as well and can be difficult to predict and to plan for. As early as possible before a new soccer year begins, the Board seeks insights into the number of players available. This determines the best estimate for the number of teams that could be formed which then informs the number of coaches needed, and reflects the necessary field space we must reserve.


What expenses are supported by the annual fees I pay for my child?

  • Salaries for the Technical Director of Coaching and Team Coaches, including related payroll expenses

  • VYSA travel soccer registration fees

  • League entry fee, i.e. EDP, NCSL, or ODSL

  • Field space, i.e. rental fees for practices and games through DPR and DCPS

  • Tournament entry fees

  • Team equipment


What additional out-of-pocket fees remain for families?

  • Uniform purchase – practice kit and game uniforms

  • Personal travel costs to and from games or tournaments

  • Winter indoor leagues are determined at the team level

CapitalFC continues to explore Sponsorship and fundraising opportunities that help to reduce the out-of-pocket expenses for families. More information about the systems put in place to support these efforts will be published.


Do the separate Club and team fees still exist?

No. In 2015, the Board decided to standardize all fees in order to provide a more consistent measure to consider a club-wide development strategy and enable greater visibility into the Club’s financial health.


How do the CapitalFC fees compare to other local clubs?

We appreciate the expenses related to travel soccer and strive to keep costs as low as possible while building a quality program. Nearby clubs in Alexandria, Arlington and DC Stoddert are more expensive than CapitalFC. We are proud of the high quality training and competitive program that we offer families and players.


Are Financial Aid opportunities available?

The Club budget includes funds set aside for the scholarship program. Last year, the Club granted close to $20,000 to requesting families and received more requests than we were able to support. The Board seeks to increase the fund by 20% each year.

For any additional questions, please contact